Dear friends,

Welcome to the website of the KUD “Durmitor” Kula!

Starting today, you can be with us, with the help of the technology that connects us. We can join forces and bring to life the “magic of Durmitor”, even more, in the heart of the Bačka plain in Kula. In 2002 we, immigrants from various parts of Montenegro and Herzegovina, together with our friends and neighbors here in Kula, contributed to the foundations of “spiritual Kula”.

In difficult times it’s enthusiasm, hope and faith – the food for our souls – that give us strength and courage. The organized work of the KUD “Durmitor”, supported by local authorities and good-hearted people, has borne fruit. We were able to move into our home: our joy and happiness know no bounds! Yet, there remains a lot to do.

The sections of our society are preserving traditions, a cultural heritage. Maybe we came at the last minute! But we will not give up. With your help and support, we will be more successful, stronger and more persevering! How can you help us? To begin with, by your well-meaning suggestions on what to fix, what to improve, what to develop further. Standing by each other, we can achieve a lot – standing alone, we’re weak! Write us. About everything that you know concerning the culture and traditions of the Durmitor. Records, songs, dances, customs, costumes – everything representing traditions from the past centuries!

One cannot but admit the Durmitor region is of a beauty beyond measure, of god-given magnificence, a blend of harshness and beauty, a “paradise to enjoy and a toil for life”. Everything beautiful comes at a price. We are taking care of the authentic, the inexhaustible source of spirituality, cultural riches and traditions, as clear as the springs of Durmitor from which we love to drink the clearest waters, that never run dry, God forbid! Our spiritual sources are the ponds for our souls. We must preserve our traditions and customs, and deliver that legacy to posterity.

Dok Durmitor nebo ljubi,
Dok rijeke bistre teku,
Da budemo dobri ljudi,
Sve godine u vijeku!

Sačuvajmo braćo mila
svo nasleđe umnih glava,
živela nam otadžbina
a precima nek’ je slava!

We are grateful to you for everything you are contributing to our endeavor, now and in the future, for greater success.

Milovan Vuković
President, KUD “Durmitor”

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